As a big festival of international exchange, the Multikulti Ball has been taking place since 1998 in collaboration with Karl-Franzens-University Graz.
The basic idea of this event is the celebration of intercultural co-existence in Styria and to set an example for the successful meeting of cultures.
Every year, visitors can enjoy a multicultural world experience with a rich plurality of music and dance performances presented by Austrian and international artists and so travel on a multicultural journey around the world. And as if that’s not enough, temptingly exotic flavours further whet their appetites with delicacies from all over the world.
The net receipts of this extra-ordinary beneficial event go to the scholarship programme of the Afro-Asian Institute thus supporting students coming from Africa, Asia and Latin America in their studies in Austria. This scholarship programme of the AAI Graz has been existing for more than 30 years. In order to earn the necessary financial means, among others the Multikulti Ball has been initiated.
Each year, a specially chosen guest gives the Ball a particular touch and stands for a specific social or cultural purpose.
For particular merits in the field of integration and commitment for intercultural co-existence, tolerance, mutual respect and peaceful living together, since 2003 outstanding personalities have been awarded the Multikulti Card. In 2003, this award for the first time has been granted to the then mayor of the City of Graz, Alfred Stingl.

The Multikulti-Ball 2016 was wonderful! The Karl-Franzens-University once again has become the most outstanding ballroom of the town and the manifold and diverse programme made the night a glittering party!  
The special guest of honour Muhammad Al Diri from Syria moved the guests with his speech on refuge and the wish for peace; Sonja Perkic-Krempl was awarded the Multikulti-Card for her courageous commitment for human rights. All this and many other things were celebrated by the numerous guests, among them representatives from the worlds of politics, culture, science and economy.




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