One house, three continents

Africa, Asia and Latin America are our passion. Here and there. In the context of development collaboration as well as in a migration policy context. “Our passion” means the team of the Afro-Asian Institute Graz – however this is always embedded in the context of numerous friends, sponsors, subsidy givers, partners: here and there

The Afro-Asian Institute is an open house that has been creating opportunities since 1964: residence for young people from Africa, Asia and Latin America who come to Styria for their studies, social-political and cultural impetus from various countries and contact point for all those who are interested in global matters. This communication and meeting centre acts as point of contact with Austrian students, institutions and organizations and also a service centre and as a residence for 50 students from all over the world.

Since its opening, the Café Global has been seen as an international meeting point of the House and offers dishes and beverages from different world regions in a comfortable and multicultural atmosphere at student-friendly prices.

With its development policy and intercultural educational and cultural programme the AAI offers information as well as multiple opportunities of cultural exchange beyond European borders to a broad public.

As an interreligious competence centre, the AAI has been making available an Islamic prayer room to an active Muslim community and devotes itself intensively to interreligious dialogue through networking activities and projects.

The Studies Department of the AAI is a service, consultation and tutoring centre for the legal, social and study-relevant problems of international students and offers, in addition to contact persons, events which are intended to support and assist students. Intercultural dialogue, reintegration, applications and preparation for return to their countries of origin as well as a successful start in their career are important topics. Co-op education further handles participation, gender mainstreaming, professional and personal further development as well as networking and exchange on various levels.

The AAI provides financial support with its scholarship programme seen as a contribution to peaceful co-existence of people from different regions of origin through the promotion of equal chances, dialogue, intercultural know-how and partnership.

It supports the fight against poverty, the protection of resources and peacekeeping, as well as setting up and supporting the further development of an expert skill potential and the further qualification of educational and knowledge systems (Potential und Institution Development).

Furthermore, the AAI provides valuable work in collaboration with various bodies of the State, the Province of Styria and the City of Graz and makes vital intercultural dialogue possible. As a reliable and competent partner, AAI is regularly consulted by many associations and public institutions. Intensive networking with local, regional and international partners, with universities and institutions involved in development policy and social-political work, is an important function of the AAI Graz. Furthermore, the resulting collaborations and synergies exert a positive influence on the arrangement of its own educational and cultural programme.

In the course of the last few decades, the AAI has seen many changes – in an architectonic sense but also with regard to its content – it has had to constantly adjust itself to the needs of the respective period. As an international site in Graz the AAI has been and still is a steady seismograph: what happens in the world is reflected in this microcosm in a more immediate way than in many other places. Having a physical link with people from all over the world means in reality that seemingly distant events are coming nearer. This is often a marvelous enrichment and in some cases it can make us concerned. All this can of course lead to active participation in a global world – one of the essential purposes of the AAI.

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